SEO Training: Getting Started with SEO (3 Hours)


To give in-house staff at a company enough knowledge and skills to perform natural SEO, with a view to achieving page 1 rankings on Google.


1. What Google Wants and Thinks

This looks at how Google looks at a website, what is important (and not so important), and to discuss things that won’t work, or will even harm your website. There is a lot of misinformation about SEO which needs to be ignored.

2. Keyword Research

Getting on Google Page 1 in the natural/organic listings starts with knowing what keywords to target. Everything starts from this list, so choosing keywords with enough traffic which are realistic to rank for is essential.

3. Meta Titles and Descriptions

How to write and optimise these for Google and your website visitors.

4. Other Website Signals

Google looks at over 200 signals when assessing a website. This looks at the important signals from a website which can be optimised relatively easily.

5. Backlinking

Backlinking is an important part of SEO. It needs to be done correctly and ethically. This section looks at ways of acquiring backlinks over time

6. Reporting

Data on website rankings and website traffic helps inform decision making at an operational level (SEO) and also a management level (when more resources might be needed). This section shows how to set up easy to use reports, and how to intrepret the data.