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seo team at table in leapfrog office in fleet hampshireLeapfrog Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Fleet, Hampshire. At the heart of the business is a passion for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and the amazing benefits it can bring to businesses both large and small.

In fact, we only do SEO for our clients, with sometimes a little Pay Per Click (PPC) as well. Our team focus purely on SEO, applying the latest techniques to our clients’ websites. We aim to improve natural rankings by at least 10% each and every month, resulting in some impressive year-on-year results. And those Google Page 1 rankings create a sustainable stream of leads or sales into your business. Which means you can stop worrying about where the next lead or sale will come from, and focus on running and growing your business.

Feel free to get in touch today, or come and pop into the office anytime for a coffee and a chat.

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