How SEO Helped Fill a Chalet in less than 6 Months

Chalet Chez Robert is a beautiful chalet in the ski resort of La Rosiere in the French Alps.

The chalet had just been bought by the owner-chalet manager, Josie Ryan, and the challenge was simple: to generate bookings to fill the chalet during the December to April ski season.

La Rosiere Chalet Chalet Chez Robert v2Josie had invested in a brand new website, and now wanted it found by skiers looking for somewhere to stay. And in 6 months ! Otherwise, the main ski season would be missed, when chalets get 90% of their income.

Getting Real

Leapfrog first wanted to identity what keywords target, bearing in mind the website was completely new with little authority in Google’s eyes.

ski chalets in france had great search volume, but page 1 was filled with the large ski operators with well established websites. It was decided to look elsewhere.

ski chalets in la rosiere had much less search volume, but the competition was other ski chalets with less authoritative websites to beat. It was also felt people searching for chalets in La Rosiere were much more likely to make a booking.

6 Months Later…

After 6 months of SEO activity, the website was on Google Page 1 for the target keywords, and the chalet went on to breakeven financially in only its first ski season with the new owner.

From Josie Ryan, owner of Chalet Chez Robert:

“When I first started running Chalet Chez Robert I had no idea how to get my website out there and noticed. I had heard of SEO but didn’t really know what it was. My website was on page 17 of Google Search. Geoff impressed me from the start with his SEO knowledge, professionalism and really understood the sense of urgency needed to get the website noticed in time for the season.

He came up with lots of ideas and worked with me, advising me of the things I needed to do get my website up there. I am happy to say thanks to Geoff, is now on Page 1 for my required search. As a result the majority of my bookings have come directly through my website and not through the 3rd party booking agents I am also using. I would not hesitate in recommending Leapfrog to boost your website.”