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We have spent a lot of time talking about streamlining the message on your website while altering and improving other elements, but we haven’t spoken much about the actual foundation of all SEO – a decent website. We see a lot of our clients at a stage when they have already got a website and want to improve its performance – but we also work with a number of start ups to help them launch their business into the world with  strong web presence.

One of the main things people forget when designing their websites is that they need to be Google friendly. The main thing on most people’s minds is to create a good looking website that functions well, and often we worry about the rest later. But not all web designers think about how their designs will affect the search engine rankings of their clients – and this is where you come into complications. Google likes websites to be designed in an SEO friendly way (to be able to include meta tags etc), but it also ranks websites higher if they are responsive and mobile friendly. Building your website in this way has 2 advantages – the first is that Google will rank you higher when you have a responsive website, and the second is that it will look better for you and make your customers happier. Over 75% of all websites are now viewed on mobile devices, tablets and smart phones, and if your website doesn’t adjust for this then visitors are likely to move away from it. It might cost you a little more at the outset, but in the long run it is worthwhile.

Leapfrog works with some of the best local web developers to ensure that your web design is perfect from the word go. From developers who specialise in Google friendly websites to those who can convert your website to a mobile friendly version, we know the right people to deliver the right results. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on a website that will work against you, we can ensure that you will be investing in a website that will allow you to make an impression on your customers and search engines alike.

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