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Based in Fleet, Hampshire, Leapfrog Internet Marketing offer a wide range of services to cater to all your digital marketing needs. Our first meeting with you will usually include a complimentary website review, so that we can understand how your website is performing in its current state and where there is room for improvement. Once we have established this we will work with you to explore how best to improve your SEO in the most natural ways possible, and using one of our service options we will start the process. Our services work on a mix and match basis, so there is no one base plan for everyone. Your business will be treated as the unique thing that it is, and your SEO plan will reflect that. Our service offerings to improve you SEO include:

Natural SEO

Improving your search engine rankings through natural SEO methods is our specialty. Using a variety of simple changes and subtle tweaks can make a dramatic difference to your search engine rankings. New studies show over 80% of internet users still click and trust on a highly ranked website rather than clicking on ads, and we focus on improving your rankings naturally.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by, as it gets you featured for certain key words for what can be a minimal investment. By selecting the key words you want to be found for, you are featured highly in search engines and only pay the fees each time someone clicks on your link. ¬†While we specialise in more natural SEO and don’t offer pay per click as a direct option, we can recommend some trusted providers and experts who can help if this is the route you choose.

Website Design

One of the main things people forget when designing their websites is that they need to be Google friendly. Designing a beautiful and functional website is important, but if it isn’t Google friendly and mobile friendly then it can significantly impact your Google rankings. We can refer you to the right people who will design a Google friendly website for you from scratch so that you don’t waste any money on a website that won’t wow your customers.

Social Media

Social media is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to win new clients and improve brand identity. The worlds of social media and marketing overlap hugely, and combining their strengths can result in a powerful marketing force like no other. But social media is all about customer engagement, and that sort of thing needs to be done in the right way at the right times. We work with a number of trusted partners to help you make the most of your social media interaction and reach out to your customers.


All SEO and associated services fit together under the umbrella of marketing, and to produce the best results these all need to work together effectively. If you are struggling to pull all the elements of this together then you may need help to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. In partnership with some trusted providers, Leapfrog can help you design and tweak the perfect plan for you.


When it comes down to it – search engine discoverability is all about the words you use. Whether it’s what key words you chose or your service offering – good copy is essential. Leapfrog works with the best local copywriters to bring you engaging, well written content for your website that will help improve your rankings the natural way.

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