Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by, particularly in the digital age. Also known as Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click advertising works by directing more traffic to your website through search engines. Google is the most popular for this, but every search engine operates on the same principle. For every click on the website link, the advertiser will pay the publisher a certain amount. The system is based on strings of key words, and your selection will affect where you appear in searches and how much you pay.

But surely there is more than one company looking to take out pay per click on certain key words? Well, you would be right. So to combat this search engines work on a bidding policy. When you select your key words, you will bid an amount of money to be featured on those key words. The higher bidders get the higher rankings – it’s a fairly straight forward method, but one that can cause some fierce competition. That’s why choosing your key words carefully is important, as this will affect how much money you pay for each click to your website. We take the time to study and analyse the popularity of key words and also the amount they are searched, and recommend key words based on that analysis. This means you can be featured in the ads section for certain key words for what can be a minimal investment and a large return.

We see most customers getting a more significant return on investment on Bing rather than Google, and with mixed results. While we specialise in natural SEO improvements and don’t offer pay per click as an option, we can recommend some trusted providers and experts who can help if this is the route you choose. These services include campaign management – as the workings of Google Ad Words and other search engine mechanisms can be incredibly complicated – and help you boost your performance and use the search engines to your advantage.

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