How Writing a Longer Meta Description Can Boost your Google Rankings

Transcript from Video:

I’m Geoff Roy from Leapfrog Internet Marketing. This is about how writing a longer meta description can actually boost your Google rankings. So back in December 2017 Google announced that the meta description is going up from 160 word characters to 320 characters. Google’s original advice was actually “do not change your meta descriptions”. They would create those longer meta tags themselves.

But we feel there’s…we really recommend that people should extend their meta descriptions to the full 320 characters. The reason’s quite simple. This is a meta description here with 320 characters and this is the one with 160 characters. And you’re just occupying more space on Google page one and you’re gonna get more click-throughs. You’re just occupying much more space on page one.

And at the end of the day if you’re getting more clicks you’ll get a higher click-through rate and we believe that if you’re getting more clicks than the competition above and below you, Google will sense that people prefer your website and will actually improve your rankings. So we’d recommend definitely extend your meta descriptions. We’ve changed some and within a couple of days they’ve gone live on Google page one. If you’ve got any questions let me know. Thank you.

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