Top 5 Google Searches for Dentists in Fleet, Hampshire

What the video talks about:

This is the look at the top 5 searches on Google for terms around dentists in Fleet, Hampshire. So this is…the top one is dental implants. It has 90 a month, and has equal pegging with dentist, 90 a month. Then it’s dentures, 40 a month. Dentists near me, 40 a month. And dental hygiene. Some surprises there in terms of dental implants is searched on the same level, same amount as the term dentist.

Let’s look at opportunities for getting on Google page 1 and getting more business into the dental practice. Looking at dental implants, dental implants in the natural search results, which 80% of people search for, click on, whereas 20% of people click on the ads. There are some big players there like Bupa and but there are some local practices here – Fleet Dental and Elvetham Dental Care. Google is obviously putting in local providers into this search results. There’s an opportunity there for a local dentist in Fleet.

If we look at the term dentist very quickly, we have Google My Business listings. First up Fleet Dental, then Hart Dental, Elvetham Dental Care, Dentist in Fleet, Benson House, Avondale Dental Clinic, and Oasis Dental Care Ltd. This is something that is free to put. Google My Business you can get a listing and it’s just a case of optimizing it to get found for that search dentist.

If we look at dentures, again very competitive at the top. We’ve got NHS right at the top there, Wikipedia, but there are some local providers here, Fleet Dentures. Interesting, Yell comes up. I highly recommend that’s an opportunity to get found. Get your dental practice listed on Yell. Indirectly you should get traffic from Google page 1.

If we look at dentists near me, again straight away at the top there is Google My Business, a fantastic opportunity for anyone on here to get on Google page 1 right to the top. Please contact me if you’re in the bottom of this listing and want to get to the top, I specialize in local optimization. Or if you’re really not on this listing and you’re not quite sure what the next step is.

Dental hygienist, again it pops up with a list of people, very quickly after a few websites, Google My Places. There’s Northlane Dental Practice, Fleet Dental Centre, Ancelis Farm Dental Clinic, Academy Dental Care, and then a few others. A great opportunity there to quickly get on Google page 1.

I’ve been Geoff Roy from LeapFrog internet marketing. If you’ve got any SEO questions or anything about Google, then please get in touch. Thanks very much.