Does Google Prefer Long or Short Blog Posts?

Transcript from Video:

Hi, I’m Geoff from Leapfrog Internet Marketing. This is a quick video on “Does Google Prefer Long or Short Blog Posts?” So, if you’re thinking about writing your blog content, putting all that lovely content on there, how many words should you be writing? Should it be 300 words? Should it be 900 words? Should it be 2,000 words?

So, certainly at the low end, Google doesn’t like thin content. There’s no problem putting thin content on your website, something that’s maybe 200, 300 words long. But there’s a nice video here from Matt Cutts from Google going back to 2013, explaining why it just won’t get ranked. They don’t feel it has any meat that provides content to people that they value.

But how about the other end? Well, there’s research looking at the average number of words for websites that rank Google position 1, all the way through to the bottom at page 1, position 10. And you can see that the average number of words on a page that ranks at the top spot at the top of Google page 1 is 1890 words, and then that correlation comes down.

Now it is a correlation and so there’s a number of theories why this is. It may be that if you’re writing longer content, that will be more engaging and get more social shares. It may be that you’re just going to be talking about your topic and there’s a certain relevancy. There’s various theories. But what could be a good idea going forward is, at the moment we write for our clients two 600-word blog articles a month for some of our clients. Maybe mixing it up and then throwing in an article that’s more in-depth, at say, maybe 1000 words or 1200 words. And that should help the Google rankings.

But clearly, it’s hard to pump out a 1200 or a 2000-word article each and every day, for example. So it’s working out, and maybe mixing up your content, and putting in the odd longer form content. So that’s it really. That answers the question, “Does Google Prefer Long or Short Blog Posts?” Any questions? Please let me know. Thank you, bye.

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