Where Do I Want My Customers to Leave Reviews?

Transcript from Video:

Hi. I’m Geoff from Leapfrog Internet Marketing. This answers the question:

  • where do I want my customers to leave reviews?

In the previous article, we looked at how clients leaving reviews indirectly helps your search engine optimisation. But where should they leave those reviews?

First off, you should really search for your brand on Google. So this is Leapfrog Internet Marketing. And ask your clients to then send them the URL link and ask them to leave your review on your Google+ page – this bit on the right. But you should also use this to work out where your clients might be. Google is almost telling you where your clients might be. So for this, there’s a local network called Fleet Business Network. Awesome to be on something like that as that pops up for your brand search.

And then things like LinkedIn and say Yell and ask them to leave a review say on Yell. And LinkedIn is particularly appropriate for B2B. You can’t actually leave a review for a company, but you can ask them to at least follow you, for example.

Another way will be to ask them on your Facebook company page for a review. And also, bear in mind you can’t currently leave reviews on Twitter. So really, it’s down to first and foremost your Google page. But of course somebody needs a Gmail account or Google Apps account to leave a review. So that’s when you need to offer alternatives that help your search engine optimisation online such as local directories, national directories, and probably Facebook.

So that really answers the question where do I want my customers to leave reviews. Thank you.