How Many Dentist Websites are Mobile-Friendly in Fleet, Hampshire?

What the video talks about:

This is a quick look at how many dentist websites are mobile-friendly in Fleet, Hampshire and why that matters. Let’s look at searches on Google in Fleet’s area on a 5-mile radius. For the terms around dentist and dental practices, there’s around 6000 searches, and pretty much now nearly half are on mobile devices, whether that’s mobiles or tablets. Let’s pick off 5 of the top listed websites on Google and let’s see if they are mobile-friendly.

The reason it counts is basically if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re not going to get ranked on Google on mobile devices, so you’re basically could be missing out on nearly half of the potential traffic, so that’s potentially like 3000 searches a month in this local area.

So let’s pick off some of the people here. So we’ve gone for Fleet Dental Practice, Hart Dental, Elvetham Dental Care, Heath Dental Suite, and then Benson House didn’t have a website. Avondale Dental Clinic didn’t have a website, so then we went for Oasis Dental Care. If we look at Fleet Dental for example, nice looking website on a desktop computer, but if we simulate being on a mobile device, we can see that all the content is cut down on the right hand side. Google doesn’t like this and it tells you this when you use Google’s mobile-friendly test and it says “not mobile-friendly.” So Fleet Dental Practice’s website not mobile-friendly and it won’t get found as well on mobile searches on Google.

Look at Hart Dental. Again, same problem. The content is cut on the right hand site and again the tool confirms that, not mobile-friendly. That’s 0 out of 2 so far., which is Patrick Coffey, looks lovely. The menu shrinks down. It looks like a nice user experience on a mobile phone, and this page is mobile friendly. So we’ve got one there. We look at Elvetham Dental Care. Again, content gets cut on the right hand side and it’s not mobile friendly. Google wont rank it as well on a mobile device. And then we have Oasis Dental Care finally. And they look a nice website. The menu shrinks down nicely. It will be a nice user experience, and Google likes it.

Really, the winners are the Patrick Coffey website and Oasis Dental Care. Both their websites are mobile friendly and they’ll be making the most of all that mobile traffic for dentists in the Fleet, Hampshire area every month, which now is nearly 3000 searches a month.

I hope that’s been of help. I’ve been Geoff Roy from LeapFrog Internet Marketing. If you’ve got any questions about SEO, please let me know. Thank you. Bye.