Before You Hire an SEO Company in Fleet

Before we go any further – let me ask you, how did you find this page? Probably through a search engine, right? Well if that is the case, then you have found the right company to help you, and the proof that we can produce results. So if you are looking for an SEO company in Fleet, Hampshire who can service all your SEO needs, you have come to the right place.

Hiring an SEO company can be a difficult decision, and one that you should be well informed for before you make it. So instead of reading a lot of spin from other SEO companies about the rapid delivery of results, or paying out huge amounts for paid SEO boosting activities, we wanted to give you a (quick!) rundown of how our SEO service works, and what you need to know before you pick up the phone to call us. So, here are some of the basics we will cover with you in the first few sessions with us:

Where Are You Now?

One of the first questions we will ask you is where you are now. This provides us with a base line, so that we know what you are already doing and how well that is working for you. In order to improve your search engine rankings, we need a solid foundation to start from.

Have Realistic Expectations

The thing that is often misunderstood about SEO is that it’s the magic cure that solves everything. A common misconception is that if you rank first on Google you will get more customers and more business – but if the groundwork isn’t there then this isn’t always the case. Think of your website as a shop window. You might be in the prime spot on the high street and have thousands of people pass you a day – but if your signs are broken, your windows are dirty and your window displays are messy, people aren’t going to buy from you. It’s the same with your website.

There Are No Guarantees

Like almost everything in life, there are no concrete guarantees that search engine optimisation will do what you want it to. We can create the best SEO plan for you with the most effective techniques we know – but sometimes they just don’t work. This can be for many reasons, and it’s incredibly abnormal for there to be no success, but it does happen. 9 times out of 10, if one approach isn’t working we are able to adjust what we are doing and can produce positive results from there.

We Have To Keep Up With Moving Goalposts

Since Google launched its public campaign against webspam to stop people manipulating their search engine they have been changing their algorithms almost constantly. They fine tune and alter their terms and methods almost every week, and this means that the goalposts we are trying to reach are always moving. This is part of the reason you should hire an external SEO expert – it’s our job to keep track of what Google are doing and adjust our clients plans to reflect it. So when we make changes to our plans we aren’t being indecisive, we are in fact fine tuning it to get the best results we can.

Still Nervous?

If you are still a little nervous about hiring an SEO company from Fleet, don’t be! We have spent many years studying and experimenting with SEO techniques to develop our natural methods, and we can’t wait to help you start your journey. So if you have any questions or would like some help improving your search engine rankings, please get in touch!

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During the day, Geoff lives and breathes search engine optimisation (SEO), with a focus on driving more enquiries and phone calls from his clients' websites. The rest of the time, he enjoys a hectic family life with his wife and 2 young kids in Fleet, Hampshire