Google to Reveal All: Algorithm Factors to be Published


Google has said today in a shock announcement that it will no longer hide the factors it uses to rank websites, and will publish the complete list in May.


google-the-truth-whole-truth-leapfrog-internet-marketingOn the Google Webmaster Blog, Matt Mueller explained as follows:

On May 21st, Google will publish all the ranking factors we use to index and rank web pages on Google natural search. This is a significant change in strategy to work towards being completely transparent by the end of 2015.

This is a complete shock to many in the SEO industry, which spends much of its time guessing what factors Google does or does not use to rank websites.

“This is incredible news for the SEO and search industries” said Doss Runn from RunForward Internet Marketing, “No more guessing and wasting of agency resources. We can implement and laser target our efforts to achieve maximum ROI for our clients. It’s about time, Google !”

But some in the industry expressed their concerns, including Hym Jedger from Digital Often: “The multi-billion dollar SEO industry relies on Google’s smoke and mirrors, as our clients pay us to cut through it and interpret SEO guidelines. Taking the smoke screen away begs the daunting question – what then would our clients be paying us for?”

With Google using Artificial Intelligence more and more in their search algorithm, revealing the inner workings of Google may achieve 2 things for Google: spending less time/resource answering questions from SEOs, and potentially disbanding the Google webspam team altogether.

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How will this affect your role as an SEO or search marketer? Is this a good move for Google? Please leave your comments below.

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