Get Clients to Blow your Trumpet

You can tell a potential client how good your product or service. But how many will actually believe you? However, if they hear how great your business is from other people, they’re much more likely to believe it, and more likely to convert into a paying customer.

This concept is called social proof, and has been a tool used by marketing professionals for decades, if not centuries. But how can social proof be used effectively online?

restaurant reviews for fleet hampshire

so which restaurant will you eat at tonight?

Think about eBay – do you look to see if the seller has any negative feedback before buying? Or Amazon – if the book you wanted had less than 4 stars, would you buy it? Websites like Trip Advisor are based purely on the concept of social proof, and what previous customers thought about a particular hotel. It’s so powerful, that bad reviews on Trip Advisor can bankrupt a travel business.

So how do you make social proof work for your business online.

1. Social Media

Whenever you do a good job for a client, ask them to leave a review or comment on your Facebook page. Take photos of what you do, and post them up there. Social media was made for this.

2. Google Places

Every local business should show on Google Maps with a Pin where you are located. Ask happy clients to leave you a review there. These reviews and ratings are now showing for some search results next to your website. This will increase the number of people clicking through to your website.

3. Web Site

Scatter client testimonials across your website. You can use comments left by clients in social media and your Google Places listing, and copy them across. It won’t increase the number of visitors, but it will convince more of those visitors to then buy from you.

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