Fleet Business Network: Why Reviews Matter for your Business

Transcript from Video

Fleet Business Network is a popular directory in Fleet, Hampshire. But why do reviews actually matter for your business listing? This is a quick video looking at exactly that.

So if you look at Fleet Business Network, people would go on here to potentially find your businesses, product or service. So let’s have a look at someone looking for a plumber, for example. I’m going to put plumber in. And then you get a list of plumbers. Straight away, generally when people are, say, looking for a plumber or many other searches, they’re in a hurry. They maybe have a burst pipe. They’re looking for a quick solution and people generally wont scroll down that much. Reviews, I think, have an influence on where you’re placed in your category page. In this case, the category is plumber. And PhoneJoan, who technically isn’t a plumber, she’s actually at the top there. I’ve seen that she has 7 reviews. The next one down has 5, UK Water Softeners, and then Kayron Heating and Plumbing have 4. So I think actually more reviews will make you be higher in your category list. And the higher you are, all the statistics show for Fleet Business Network, also on Google search results, you actually get more click-through to your listing.

The other reason is if you look at some of the reviews, they’re also talking about, say plumbing, and how great, say for example Joan’s service was etc, and those words on the page help this search engine serve up the most relevant searches and sell them. If you’ve got more text from customers talking about plumbing and what your business has done for them, that text will help it get higher here, and therefore get more clicks as well. So that’s the first reason. You’ll get higher on the category page if you’ve got more reviews and reviews with plenty of text in as well.

The second reason is fairly straightforward. If you click through on one of these, I’m going to actually click through Kayron Heating and Plumbing, people will actually want to know if this is a real business, if it’s just started up, if they’re actually any good at their job and people will look at the reviews and that will make them decide whether they then call that business and ask them to come around and sort out their plumbing needs. And so really this is all about social proof. This will increase your conversion from people looking at a page to actually the number of people then taking action and pick up the phone to you.

In a nutshell, reviews do matter to your business in terms of getting more business from the listing on Fleet Business Network. Getting more reviews will make sure you’re higher on your category page. We looked at plumbing. And also more text from those reviews will also help the search engine within Fleet Business Network put you higher on the category page. And the second reason is social proof. It’ll increase conversion in terms of the number of people that click through to your actual company page and then pick up the phone to you or make an inquiry of some sort.

I hope that helps. My name is Geoff Roy. I’m an SEO specialist based in Fleet, Hampshire. If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch. Thanks very much.