Do 5 Star Reviews Help Our Google Rankings?

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Hi, I’m Geoff from LeapFrog Internet Marketing. Do five-star reviews help our Google rankings?

I get this question asked a lot, so let’s have a look. Let’s do a search on Google for plumber. And we get three choices here, two that have no rank reviews whatsoever and then one with a five-star. So what happens? What happens if you get four stars or five stars? Does that make a difference?

Well, recent research by Bright Local has basically said that if you have a four-star ranking, on average, you’ll get 18% more people clicking through, a click-through rate. And a five star would be 28% more people clicking through. So, actually, if you get a higher click-through rate indirectly, that will also help your rankings. So over time, one would hope that these guys will actually move up to position two and position one, all other things being equal, because they have a better star rating.

And, not only that, once they come onto your website, they they instinctively trust you more, 11% more, because other people have ranked you as five star. And that just helps. It should make life easy to actually convert that enquiry into a customer. So that answers the question do five-star ratings help your Google rankings. Thank you. Bye

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  1. Great blog Geoff. Reviews are such a powerful marketing tool helping develop and manage your reputation and set you apart from your competitors as well as helping with Google rankings. I would urge any company to make collecting customer reviews a key part of their marketing activity.