Will Your Google Rankings Tank if You Change your Company Name?

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Hi, I’m Geoff from Leapfrog Internet Marketing. This Vlog answers the question “Will your Google rankings tank if you change your company name?” So, let’s take your website. Let’s take a website called Elle Courbee. Let’s say you have this website and you want to change your name for whatever reason, you wanna have a rebrand or you don’t like the name. And so you’re thinking about changing the name and then more importantly, for search engine optimization changing the domain. So, you’re thinking about moving this website from ellecourbee.co.uk and putting it on let’s say elledoorbay.co.uk. How does this impact your Google rankings?

Well, first of all, if you don’t have any Google rankings and many websites don’t, then you don’t need to worry about the SEO implications. You can just change your domain and it won’t be a problem. But for this particular website, for example, Elle Courbee, tummy control corset it’s on page one of Google. So, it’s getting traffic and it’s getting sales from Google. If that was then switched and that website moved from ellecourbee.co.uk to elledoorbay.co.uk, what would happen? Well, 60% of the reason why that website is on Google page one is to do with backlinks coming to the website. And if you look at the data, the current domain enjoys about 400 links coming to it whereas if you buy a brand new domain for the new name Elledoorbay, it has zero.

And so in effect of that power from the links which accounts for 60% of that ranking, it would have dropped down to zero. And therefore, it will just disappear on Google page one. And you can see some of the other websites are also on page one and how many links they have. So, the problem with switching to a brand new domain is it has no links, is in effect your starting back from zero. You can add links over time and build back to a page one position. That could take months if not years to do. So, I’d just take care if you’re enjoying page one Google rankings for the moment from your website. Think very carefully before moving your website to a brand new domain. If you’ve got any questions, let me know.

Infographic: Cultivating Business from Websites

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infographic on cultivating business from websites as presented at Fleet Business Group by Michelle Williams and Steve Manning

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