Why You Absolutely Should Answer Questions on your Website

Words from Video:

Hi, I’m Geoff Roy from Leapfrog Internet Marketing. This quick blog answers why you should absolutely answer questions on your website.

So, voice search. Voice search, currently, is already 20% of all searches in Google. A lot of those are kind of natural kind of questions, but where it’s going is massive. Voice will be nearly 50% of all voice searches by 2020, and a lot of those voice searches are going to be questions, you know, who, what, when, where, why, and how, and that’s pretty much down to the fact, we’re using mobile devices. You know, if a lot of people are buying Alexas, OK Google for Android devices and Hey Siri for Apple devices, we know a lot of people are gonna be asking questions by 2020, which is only three years away, what sorts of questions are they going to ask?

Well, let’s take what Leapfrog do. We do SEO. So, you can go to a tool called answerthepublic.com and put SEO in, and it comes up with hundreds of different questions, you know, the wheres, the whiches, the whos. And so, how you could do this is, pick off some and answer them on your website, you know, how SEO helps in digital marketing, why SEO order is important. Maybe pick off five of them and you could write a blog post answering those top five questions asked about SEO. Or, you could do a little video on your website, or you could add a Frequently Asked Questions section as one of your pages and answer those questions. So, you state the question and then answer it, and then that would be a great way of increasing rankings for all those little questions and getting more people come to your website.

So, I hope that helps. If you’ve got any questions, let me know.

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