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Improving your search engine rankings through natural SEO methods is our speciality. You can use a number of artificial ways to boost your search engine rankings, but these often do you more harm than good. Studies show that over 80% of internet users will still click and trust links that are ranked highly in search engines, preferring to opt for natural results over advertised links. This is why we focus on improving your search engine rankings in the most natural ways possible. This does mean that patience is required, and we review our progress constantly so that we can tweak and change as we need to, but Google can take some time to re-rank pages.

The techniques we use are all natural ways of streamlining and improving your website so that it can perform at its best for you. This can range from small improvements like implementing meta tags in the correct places to bigger steps like replacing your web copy and starting up a blog and everything in between. By using un-paid methods to make these improvements, we prove to be more cost effective solution for your business delivering positive results over time.

SEO is a tactical internet marketing strategy, and it’s purpose is to consider how various search engines work, what people and customers search for, what terms they use and the actual keywords (and misspellings) the target audience of the customer uses. Not only does SEO address the content of your website and refine it to work harder for you, but it also studies the HTML and all associated coding in your website in order to remove any barriers between your website and the search engine indexing activities. This is something that requires constant measurement and change as the search engines and websites evolve.

SEO word cloudSEO is a field that is constantly evolving and changing, and the advances that have been made i the last 12-18 months alone are staggering. SEO is no longer just SEO. Instead it is a collection of activities that work together to bring you to the top of Google and gain more enquiries, leads and customers. The perception of SEO often carries a lack of clarity and value – often being seen as some mystical art that no one really understands. While it is true that it is a complex process that takes time and dedication to master – it can yield some fantastic results when done properly.

Since Google very publically waged a war on webspam (otherwise known as the manipulation of their search engine results) we have seen a huge influx of clients who want to know how to get back up the Google rankings without being in danger of losing their rank. We have since invested heavily into devising more advanced natural ways to promote your website and help you to understand what makes for ‘good’ search engine results.

At Leapfrog Internet Marketing we believe in a completely natural approach to SEO, putting knowledge ahead of guesswork and helping you to understand the benefits of SEO before we start implementing things. Get in touch today to discuss your SEO needs – we’d love to hear from you.

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