Improve your Website Rankings with an About.Me Link

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Hi this is Geoff from Leap Frog Internet Marketing. This is about getting a very powerful link to your website – SEOs are talking all the time about getting links to websites.

The main thing is Google still uses links to assess whether a website is authoritative and has a certain amount of power and links are basically seen as the vote of confidence by other websites and bloggers.

But the challenge is always to find people who will link to you and it becomes more and more difficult as the internet evolves. This is one where it is cool  –

Mark Dalton from the Tech Lounge has got an page and it just talks about Mark. It talks a little about his history and his social media. In SEO terms there is a link to the website The Tech Lounge here. in SEO terms is incredibly powerful. It has a domain authority of 91 out of 100. That is kind of Wikipedia strength and actually the page has a very strong power or authority in its own right.

So I suggest if you wanted a free link to your website that has some power and even may have other benefits in terms of people finding out a little bit more about you and your business. Claim a free page at and I am not affiliated to About Me at all. So I hope that helps. Thank you, bye.