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From humble beginnings come great things – and what started as one man and his laptop has grown faster than we could have ever expected! Now we are happy to present Leapfrog Internet Marketing – the solution for all of your web marketing problems under one roof – and our team just can’t wait to meet you.

Run by family man and self professed SEO guru Geoff Roy, we are based in Fleet, Hampshire, and provide businesses with all the help and support they need when it comes to good old SEO. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of the web – and more importantly how it works. Our absolute passion is Search Engine Optimisation and the wonders it can do for any business big or small. But it’s better than that – as a comprehensive solutions company we can help you improve your website, streamline your marketing and get your social media up, running and integrated with your website. We understand that you need to be focussed on your business and working with all the leads you’re generating – so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your SEO and web marketing is in safe hands.

At Leapfrog we work with a huge variety of clients while doing what we love every single day, and every day we learn more and more about the mystical world of SEO. No matter what your business or size, it’s a universal fact that everyone can benefit from ranking highly on search engines. We use a variety of  techniques – including the supply of regular blog content, social media integration and pay per click advertising, we help refine your website and not only edge you up to the pages, but also improve your sales. Using our carefully tailored style of Search Engine Optimisation, we are able to grow traffic to our clients websites, and more importantly to transform that traffic from random visitors into positive enquiries and warm leads.

We have spent years honing and perfecting our knowledge of SEO, and more importantly, how we can use it to our advantage. It’s a well known fact that the world of SEO changes very quickly, and we always make sure we are working with those changes, not against them. Knowing the systems and algorithms that the top search engines use to find and rank your website is one of our top priorities, and we pass this valuable knowledge on to all of our clients. While the fine details and techniques behind SEO are in an almost constant state of flux, the core fundamental elements and ideas behind successful SEO haven’t changed much over the years. and we have worked tirelessly to understand its complexities so that we can pass on that knowledge to you.

So now you know about us – we want to know all about you! If you have a questions about SEO, some advice on how to achieve better search engine rankings or you just have a website itch that you need help scratching – use the contact form or find me on social media using the links below to see what I can do for you. Or, if you happen to be near our offices in Fleet, Hampshire, give us a call and schedule a free face to face meeting to pick our brains – we promise we don’t bite!

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